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Daily dose of happiness

I used to be one of those people that worked for the weekend. Every Sunday night, I used to have that funny feeling in my stomach whilst lying in bed wondering what I was actually supposed to be doing with my life. I used to think of work as this daily 8-hour task that was completely in the way, when I felt I should be giving my attention to something else. Ok, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing instead, so as bills do exist and have to be paid, I had no choice but carry on doing whatever I was doing. Needs must.

When I first came to England, fresh with a Marketing degree, I got a job in an advertising agency thinking that I’d start working in my area of choice, but then I got completely diverted when my employers wanted me to study accountancy and offered to sponsor the course for me. In a foreign country, I thought that some additional qualifications wouldn’t go amiss, so I decided to go for it. For 3 years, I studied numbers and more numbers and nearly died of boredom. Well, now reading this last sentence again, I guess I’m being a little unfair. I did enjoy some parts of it as the world of accountancy can be interesting sometimes. But the passion wasn’t there.

After deciding that Accounts wasn’t floating my boat and no matter how much I tried it never would, I went back to marketing. And in my job now I get to be creative, which is what I enjoy the most. Marketing is about finding clever solutions for problems, and working with the team on finding the best ways to communicate to an audience is something I feel it’s worth spending my time on. I’m in much more contact with words than numbers now as well, and this makes me happy.

There is some kind of security you get with working in accounts,though. If it balances, you know it’s right. There’s no chance that 1 + 1 isn’t 2 and that’s that. With marketing, it’s a completely different picture.It’s not a black and white science, even though many theories do guide the trade. It’s a matter of grasping quickly what needs to be said and then saying it in the best way. It took some time for me to decide to go back to marketing after 5 years in the financial world and this was because, somehow, finance seems a less volatile world and you tend to feel more secure working in an area like that. However, once the decision was made, there was no going back.

I always thought that very few people get to earn a living by doing something they enjoy, so I was surprised when one day I found myself in that category. Of all the agencies I have worked for, this is by far the best. At Happy Creative, we are a small team of 8 that has a lot of fun in the workplace. I like the wacky ideas we come up with in our brainstorms, I like the results we bring to our clients and I absolutely love the fact that there is no set routine.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that if you have a funny feeling about work and feel that you should be doing something else, maybe you should. Trust your gut feeling. Work out what makes you feel worthy and go for it. I did just that and, although I don’t earn as much as I did doing Accounts, that Sunday night feeling is no longer there and this has made such a massive difference in my life overall. It’s not all about money. Life is too short to waste the 260 days a year you spend at work being miserable.

Go for your dreams, believe in yourself and fight for what you want. It’s like they say… “love what you do and you’ll never have to work another day in your life”.


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