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Winter time!

Having just arrived back from my sunny (and lovely!) holiday in Brazil, it’s no wonder that the icy, snowy and cold weather that welcomed me back to England proved to be a bit of a shock to the system. On my first few days back, I tried to not even leave the house… all I wanted to do was to stay in with all the radiators on full power (was I trying to get the Brazilian sunshine feel back into my life? Probably.).

The radiator trick didn’t last too long, so I just had to come to terms with the change and start embracing it. And when I finally let go off the lack of sunshine in my life, I actually realised that there are many things that I do like about winter.
Here’s my top 10.

1. Hot chocolate

Yum! Nice and hot, creamy and full of marshmallows… who doesn’t love it? But I don’t make mine with hot water only, I always use mainly milk and chocolate powder. This makes it scrummy and delicious!

2. Early crispy mornings

I have been going to the gym in the morning before work (talk about New Year’s resolutions!) and I find myself really enjoying the cold early mornings. They are very fresh and crispy and make me feel really empowered somehow.

3. Snuggling

Of course this one would be on the list. Who doesn’t love snuggling up to someone they love? It’s the perfect time of the year to watch movies in bed, holding each other and fighting over who will get out of bed to make the next round of hot chocolates.

4. Scarves

I’m a scarf-lover and I reckon it makes an outfit most of the time. What better time than winter to try all the ways in which you can wrap a scarf around your neck?

5. Snow

Yes, it’s a nightmare to drive in it, but nothing beats a snow-covered garden, street, park. It’s just so beautiful, calming, quiet… pure bliss!

6. PJs

I’m a PJ girl and by that I mean that if I’m at home, I’m usually wearing pyjamas. The good thing is that in winter at least I have an excuse for doing that and not feel like a lazy sod all the time.

7. Sunshine

There is something about the sunshine in winter. If you care to get up early in the morning when the sun is just coming up, the golden look it gives buildings and gardens is amazing.

8. Books

There is no better season to spend time reading than in winter. I usually do a lot more reading in winter than in summer. It just feels right to be lying down, under the blanket, lost in a good story.

9. Hot baths

Ahhhh, this is always a winner for me in the cold weather. Some candles, some nice bath oil and a good magazine. I say magazine because although I love baths, I’m not patient enough to stay in there too long. Still it’s one of my favourite things in winter.

10. Thinking time

Winter is a good time to think about life, choices and the future. We are usually not so busy and can just chill with the extra time in hand.

So there you go… I love all seasons, really, and I can’t deny I do like the cold weather. My body seems to like it too. I feel energised and ready to take on the world, even if lots of stops happen for a much needed brew along the way.

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Rules of engagement

I guess the main thing I had to comply with when I decided to move to England permanently was that in this country rules are usually followed. In Brazil, we have a theory that if rules are getting in the way, we may just overlook them and that’s it. I’m not talking about big things like politics, etc, because we all know that in that sector Brazil fails miserably. I’m talking about the little rules of our everyday life. The rules that make us make sense of living within a community.

When I just moved here, I was in the car with my then husband and we were approaching some crossroads. I saw the lights turn to red and, even so, decided I was still able to cross it, based on the “you still have 5 seconds after the lights turn to red” rule created by myself when I used to drive in Brazil. Oh my God! I unleashed a beast in the car! Then husband nearly had a heart attack as I went through the lights and I got a massive telling off including “Do you want to kill us?” and “Are you going crazy” comment type of reaction. That day, it became clear that I better watch myself in this country.

Another one: drink and drive. Never ever would you think of doing this in England, even when in Brazil, despite all the rules, fines and points you can get for it, nobody really obeys. It’s absolutely wrong to do it, and I’m amazed that people here follow this rule with no questions asked. And when I say no questions asked, I mean that they don’t even consider it. It’s amazing and SO right! (and at the same time, I’m SO not used to it! – but still follow it, of course).

Another one: using your indicators. In Brazil, nah… no such bother. Here, all I can hear in my car when driving (unless I’m on a very long straight road like a motorway, which really never happens) is the tic tac, tic tac of the indicators. Good girl, me.

But it’s not just in traffic that the ‘following the rules rule’ is followed with no complaints. People form queues, people say please and thank you, people let other people go first, people don’t say rude things to other people in the street. Is this what they call civilization? I like it, I like it a lot. And I think I really got used to it, because when I go back to Brazil, certain things leave me gobsmacked!

I’m not trying to say that one country is better than the other, not at all. I’m talking about differences and how certain nationalities behave differently. If I was to give any advice to anyone wanting to make England their home, I’d say: follow the rules and you will be fine, you will fit right in.

Now, if you wanted to move to Brazil, my advice would be quite another. Get yourself some good sunglasses because there, my friend, you have to get used to what the Brits can’t have and crave so much: a glorious sunshine.

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What the sun brings…

Well, well, well… the sun is shining and it’s hot! This is a rare event in England, so people do make the most of it. From my lovely balcony, I can see everyone on the beach. Some bring tents, some bring chairs, some bring bikes and some just bring themselves and walk around everywhere. I actually did the exercise of watching one single person for about 15 minutes and this guy simply walked around the beach aimlessly, with no intention of getting anywhere in particular. I guess this is what the sun and the heat do to us. They make us feel free to just let the legs and arms and mind do whatever they fancy. I’ve been to the beach today too and it was great! I put my towel down and just sat there for some time, with no time to watch and nothing to do… I just wanted to feel the rays and the light breeze on my skin… what a nice feeling! It makes you feel like anything is possible somehow.

After a pub sesh with Lee and two good friends, I came back home. And then did something that I’ve been planning to do for a long time. I sat and wrote something that I have been waiting for inspiration to write for a long while and I felt so good for it. It’s not a big deal, but I felt the inspiration going through my veins, I could feel the words coming out from my core to the paper. I handwrote everything as well, which is something I do when I’m not so sure of what I’m doing. I like to review it and then scribble all over it, but keeping my silly ideas there,  so I can always look back and see where every single bit came from.

This little dream might come to nothing, but I’m glad that the sunshine made me take a first step. The sun is such an almighty presence and it makes things so much clearer and happy. Bring on sunny days… my font of inspiration at the moment.

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Sun is shining, the weather is sweet…

Oh, what a glorious weekend we were blessed with! The sun is shining and EVERYONE seems to be out and about! From our lovely balcony, that we are growing to love more and more, we can see and hear kids, dogs, cars, people, sea and happiness all round. It’s amazing the effect of the sun in this country. In Brazil, because we are so used to the hot weather, we kind of take it for granted, I think. Here, when the sun comes out, everyone goes automatically from grumpy to happy.

I can see how the sun just makes things look better… it’s almost like everything around is lighter, more touchable even. And then there is the fact that the sun makes us feel free. Free from the layers and layers of clothes, free from closed doors and windows, free from the winter blues. Now, everything is yellow, yellow, yellow, the colour of vibrancy, warmth and happiness.

It’s funny that after this long living in England – over 10 years now -, I feel just like any other British person in respect of sunny days. I jump out of bed when I notice a bit more light than usual coming through the curtains, I relish any possible time taking in all the rays and I pull a face when the weather man says that the cold weather is approaching once again.

Seeking for sunshine tells us that we are all the same, somehow. We are all in the same boat, rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy. When it comes to the weather, we have no power at all – although some may argue that the hotter summers and colder winters are actually our doing (which I’d agree with!). And because none of us have power over it, we all  feel blessed when we have a big yellow ball in the sky. It’s the one thing that unites people anywhere in the world, the one thing that we all treasure. And in England, this is even more exacerbated because, in a country where the three months of summer usually present us with 10 days of actual sunshine, we all know very well that it doesn’t happen very often. And this is why every sunny day makes us celebrate and enjoy it as much as we can.

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