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Seeing without looking

I have always admired security people. They have this strength in their posture, in the way that they carry themselves. They just have this fierce look in their eyes, as if they are prepared for anything and everything at any time. I think this perception of mine has probably something to do with the movie ‘The Bodyguard’. Yes, that very same one you’re thinking of, the one with Kevin Costner and (the late) Whitney Houston. I just remember Kevin Costner being so strong and so controlled.

Control. This is an intrinsic characteristic of security people. They need to be able to control themselves and also others. I admire that. And I admire even more when such security people are the ones in the Olympic games. Have you noticed them throughout the whole thing? There they are, in their coloured jackets, looking at all the spectators, since they are not allowed to turn back and look at the games.

They don’t know who is winning, who is losing. They can only guess. But boy, that must be fun. Imagine being able to observe and analyse people’s reactions – sad or happy, exasperated or relieved – to something without looking too creepy? Imagine that you are allowed to look at them as much as you want when they are lost in the moment. You can notice the crease of the forehead, the narrowing of the eyes, the big smile that unfolds.

The games here in London have been a massive success and these security people have seen it all through a different light. They could not look at the winning moment approaching, the missed throw, the rivalry, the kissing of the floor when it all ends. So they felt it through everyone else’s reactions.

Damm. I wish I had volunteered to be a security person in the Olympic Games. I’m sure I’d have quite a bit to report.


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