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True friendship

Today, when looking down from our balcony (as I do all the time!), I saw the neighbour downstairs with his wife and his son. With them, there was another couple and a little boy. The two little boys had been playing downstairs for most of the day and it was now time to say good bye. The two boys then started doing so by shaking hands and tapping each other on the back and then, hell with it, engaged in a great big hug. I absolutely loved seeing that, for two reasons: first, it’s great seeing a friendship being celebrated and second, they were  boys and there seemed to be no awkwardness with the hugging business. Lovely.

This reminded me of my childhood friends. I had many of them and I remembered the ‘do you want to be my friend’ questions, the sleepovers, the games at school, the ‘we’ll be friends forever’ promises at the end of each school year. Some of these people I have never seen again, which is a great shame, but some others are still my friends to this day. I remember the start of the confidence and trust in each other that grew with the years and ended up pretty much understroyable. This remains to this day with friends that I may not see all the time, but they are part of me. They know almost all there is to know about me, they know how to make me happy, they know when I’m sad. They just know me inside and out and I know them too. What a match.

Every time I see the advert below on telly, I remember school friends. This is a very unconventional supermarket advert that I love, have a look for yourself.

20th of July was International Friendship Day, so I thought that it deserved a little post here, and here it is. To all my friends that are part of my life and also the ones that have gone onto a different path that took them away from me, here is my thank you for being part of who I am. I miss you all!

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