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Time to renew

It’s Easter time, the most chocolatey time of the year, yay! I absolutely loved it as a child, as it’s also so close to my birthday. I love that these two celebrations are so close as they both mean the same thing to me: renew! Easter, as everyone knows, means the resurrection of Jesus, after the 40 days he spent alone fighting devil’s tempations. For me, on a more humble approach, it means that I can look at my life, do a good balance of what is working, what isn’t, and work on it during the year ahead. It’s a new beginning, a new opportunity to put right what isn’t and celebrate what is.

In Brazil, Easter is very much a family holiday, where people meet and eat together. Food is everywhere! Children hunt for their Easter eggs and everyone is happy. Here in the UK the traditions are pretty much the same, apart from the fact that I don’t have the family around (and I also don’t hunt for my Easter eggs anymore!).

So, tomorrow, Lee and I are going to make a scrumptious lunch for two and enjoy the day by relaxing and watching movies. It’s bliss, really, thinking about it. And after all the food, wine (yes, of course I’m having wine) and indulgences, it’s back to the diet because one thing is for sure: Easter means that summer is definitely around the corner! Yippeeeee!!!!

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