The house by the beach dream

It’s now the second of January and here is my first New Year’s resolution accomplished: to start my own blog… once again. I have always had outlets for my writing… either on the journals that I have written all my life, or on other blogs that I still write for or had in the past. But this one is different. This is the one where I will be so honest it may hurt. With this one, I don’t really care if people think I’m self-obsessed, if they don’t agree with my opinions, if they think I’m not worth reading. And the reason I don’t really care is because this is a selfish blog. Simple as that. If you enjoy reading it, cool, I’ll be most pleased. But if you don’t, that’s fine too. One of my favourite pastimes is to find the right words to form great sentences, so if you want to be a witness of my infinite trials, I welcome you.

A  house by the beach has always been a dream of mine, and I assume I share this dream with many other people. I love the idea of a desk by a window overlooking the sea, where I could sit, observe and write. This is an utopia, of course and I sometimes don’t feel I’m doing a lot to achieve this, but my dream comforts me and directs me, even if slowly, to a place where I feel happy. And, sometimes, just thinking of it does the trick to drive me forward.

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